Laser Engraver Machine Magazaw™


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Laser Engraver CNC Laser Cutter 3D Wood Router Engraving and Cutting Machine Fast Mini Logo Mark Printer Wood Router
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[170 x 170 mm] Moderate use area, and under the protection of MEMS vibration protection sensor, the engraving and cutting processes can be completed at the same time. 2266 x 2266 pixels, engraving accuracy: 338 dpi. The whole machine function test requires only 4 screws to complete the installation.

-[Advanced Laser Module] NEJE’s classic multifunctional module, With about 40W machine power, 5.5-7.5W Laser Module Output Power, which weighs only 202g, can obtain high power and fast scanning performance. The minimum focus point reaches 0.08×0.08mm (N30820 module), can engrave metal, and can cut materials less than 12mm, built-in fast intelligent drive, temperature feedback can be timely, intelligently adjust the fan to reduce noise Safe and quiet to use.

-[More materials, clearer] Wood, MDF, leather, paper, cotton, etc. are all supported. 3mm plywood only needs air-assisted cutting once, and the cutting is very clean. Cover spraying can engrave stainless steel, glass, transparent acrylic and so on.

-[Portable professional control software] 32-bit control system, the fastest speed reaches 250,000mm/min, supports LaserGRBL, Lightburn, NEJE software, NEJE APP (Android, iOS, ipadOS, macOS), NEJE provides free software upgrade services.

-[Perfect after-sales service] The whole machine is guaranteed for free for 2 years (laser module: 2 years and 20,000 hours warranty), and vulnerable parts are shipped worldwide within 24 hours.


-Equipped with a high-power laser module (model: N30820), with a square focus point, it can not only complete fine wood 3D engraving, stainless steel, glass, stone and other materials engraving, but also complete clear and uniform cutting plywoord, fabric, acrylic etc.. 3-4mm plywood cutting 1 from 1 pass.

-The optimized GRBL version is perfectly compatible with lightburn, laserGRBL and NEJE series software, and has optimized working stability in lightbrun and laserGRBL modes, adjustable low light and automatic air-assisted automatic smoke extraction system expansion. Through wireless APP (android, iphone, ipad, macbook) is more portable and efficient to complete the creation of works.

Portable and stable design

-Only 4 screws to complete the assembly.

-380x300mm device size,170x170mm working area.

High-precision mechanical design
-The PC composite frame processed by high-precision CNC process is reliable, durable and precise. The elastic properties of PC material make the movement smoother and more reliable.
-Module height adjustable design.
-Anti-slip foot pad design.
-Built-in automatic reset.
High-performance laser module
– 0.08×0.08 square focus, combined with 7.5w pulse power, can easily complete 3D wood, glass carving, stainless steel carving and other crafts.
– 5.5W continuous output, can easily cut 3-4mm plywood, non-woven, and other materials.
– Built-in 40mm threaded copper heat dissipation, the power continues to be stable.

3D Egraving

-3D images can be easily sculpted without adding air assist.

Rubber Stamp Engraving

– Rubber stamp engraving (requires air assist 0.4-1.5mpa)

Engraving glass

-Burn the glass by painted

Join the NEJE community and learn more about creating

-The above pictures are all created by real NEJE fans, and more creative possibilities are waiting for you to discover.

The most advanced diode laser control system so far-NEJE control system has built-in OTA software and firmware upgrade function, NEJE software and APP provide a very portable operating experience, whether you are a laser CNC novice or a professional laser expert, it can provide you with a comprehensive operating experience.Safety is always the most important

-The MEMS gyroscope will record the state of the machine. When the device moves, the machine will automatically stop working to avoid the risk of pets or misuse.

make creation easier

NEJE software can provide the latest GRBL firmware and software updates for free through OTA service. The long-term value of users is the greatest pursuit of NEJE products.