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5 stars for Horrible customer service!!

It has now been 28 days and the customer support will not return me emails requesting the return packing label that they told me on 4/1/22 was going to be sent to me! Still waiting and while I do so I will continue leaving bad reviews on this item and several other items on your site till I get results and a full refund from you for advertising a 12/2 line laser and sending me 2 line laser and no 12 line laser! Iam currently seeking legal help in the UK!

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Stephen Garrett
5 stars for Horrible customer service!!

Its now been 66 days since I purchased an item from this site and they sent me the wrong item I've sent numerous emails to there supposed support email with limited response ant the last one i received was on April 1 /22 and I responded with a question 59 minutes later and received no response!! This site is fraudulent and I would not spend any money on here!! The picture is of the last email they sent to me 20 days ago!

Horrible customer service!! Five stars for being the worst company!!

It now has been 19 days since recieving and email from customer support in which I replied too 59 minutes later and never heard for them again and I've made numerous attempts with nothing from them!! My only recourse is legal action against this fraudulent company!!

5 stars for Horrible customer service!!

After 21 day of no response and several unanswered emails I finally heard back from customer support and they offered a me a shipping label and full refund 6 days ago and still nothing even after I had replied back to there email as per there request of me if there were any questions. I am not sure why they still show the 12 line laser in this add when it is actually only for the 2 line laser shown in the 4th picture of the ad. I am giving a 5 star rating because of terrible support and they will not post anything below a 3 star rating!! The pictures are what I ordered and what I actually received. The picture of the 12 line laser level is what i ordered and the 2 line laser level what I received. This site is fraudulent and should be removed from the internet or the add needs to be corrected immediately!!

5 star for horrible customer service!!Bosch laser level 12/2 green lines

Been over 45 days and still no 12 line Bosch laser level and customer support has stopped returning my emails!! I paid the $119.99 plus $29.99 for fast shipping and never received my order the only item received was the GLL-30G that is shown in the fourth pic of the add which I can buy in the US for around $80.00. I have cooperated with customer support when they asked for a video of what I received but its now been 21 days and still no response! I now would like returning what they sent me and would like my purchase price and shipping that I paid for refunded!! I will continue giving bad reviews and updating my experience with this fraudulent company till I am fully compensated for my purchase and shipping expenses!

5 stars for horrible customer service!! Bosch laser level 12/2 green lines

Order the Bosch laser level 12/2 over 45 days ago and only received the what i presume is half my order ? I received the laser that only shoots two lines, sent support a video of what I had received and never received a response I've waited the 45 days and requested return and refund information and still no response! I will never purchase anything from this site and never recommend it to anyone. I've given several one star reviews and they don't post them so I'll try a five star and see if it makes it on this site! Picture below is all I received!!

5 stars for Horrible customer service!!

Apparently it takes the support people more than a week to respond to an email about a product I ordered and received what I am guessing is only half of the order? I ordered the Bosch GLL3-60XG Laser and received the GLL-30G they requested a video of what was received so I did so and sent screen shots of their add that and my order confirmation number and so far no response!! I even paid for the $29.99 for fast shipping and it's now been almost 45 days and I've lost a few job opportunities because of this company and it's incompetence!! I will never purchase another item thru this company no matter how cheap it maybe! My frustration level is beyond comprehension with Magazaw!!

Very cool, quality, quickly came

A good waist bag, only a small pocket. The phone fit, the keys (I have a key ring)-no longer (

high quality i love it ❤️
and fast delivery Thank you

поясная сумка качественная . телефон 7дюймов помещается без проблем. ремень надёжный. доставка 10 дней до мурманска. магазин рекмендую.

Item arrived to Oregon in a little over a month. Not as sturdy as I imagined, but watching the video again, it is as advertised. I would really consider tying a leash to it should the handlebar mount come loose or break. I would also remove when not using so the sun and weather don’t degrade the material.

всё отлично но маловата

The product corresponds to the description of the bag of excellent quality, the seller of 5 stars is sent at once, but delivery of 5 Pyaterochka in Russia is full of f .. a very

I received the product and I liked it very much and I recommend this seller

The bag is normal. Not super of course from Solomon, but quite. The belt stretches, this is the main thing. Sits tight.

Заказываю второй раз, всё соответствует описанию. Держится отлично. Товар пришел через 19 дней после заказа. Рекомендую.

The knee is of good quality, the size of M on the knee 36 turned out back to back, probably better b sat L. but if not very high to pull on the leg,,,

Very top. Recommend to everyone

нормальная сумка. быстрая доставка

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